Data Linage


Data Lineage

Graphically Understand and Interactively Explore Data Lineage


Data Lineage for ER/Studio

Graphically Understand and Interactively Explore Data Lineage

ER/Studio Data Lineage gives data management professionals and business users essential insight to the extracts, transformations, and loads of complex enterprise data. Data governance and organizational compliance is supported with detailed metadata management for risk reduction and data discrepancy isolation.


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The Challenge of Data Quality Management

With 25 percent annual enterprise data growth, technical and business users face rapidly escalating challenges in making complicated, higher value decisions; the sources, transformations, and movements of enterprise data are very difficult to track. For organizations to remain competitive, they must do a better job of leveraging enterprise data as an asset, while complying with business standards and mandatory regulations.

enhanced data lineage

Data management professionals face three distinct challenges:

  • Time-efficient tools and processes to easily document ETL workflows
  • A more demanding business customer that expects instant answers to data queries
  • An ability to collaborate and communicate essential data quality documentation throughout an organization

If effective data lineage is out of reach, there can be bigger penalties to pay. The repercussions of doing nothing can ripple throughout an entire organization.

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Understanding sources, targets, and transformations of enterprise data is a fundamental requirement for any organization to achieve viable data quality.

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Data Lineage offers visibility into multiple ETL platforms reducing problem isolation time while minimizing information loss.

enhanced data lineage

Fortune 100 organizations derive significant benefits from Data Lineage with sophisticated visual data lineage capabilities. The ability to layer a single data modeling solution over multiple ETL tools, allows massive data volumes, from diverse sources, to be accessible at every level, including design, production and transformation.

Data Lineage automatically imports complex and challenging ETL transformations as a visual diagram which can be stored in the ER/Studio Repository. And making visual data lineage accessible from CONNECT gives customers the ability to document, report and search across all imported and documented ETL transformations from a single source. Data governance reporting gets so much easier. And the ability to quickly and more accurately interpret large volumes of data becomes a reality.

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  • Multi-ETL platform environment visibility
  • Reduce the risk of untraceable data
  • Obtain compliance reports
  • Minimize the effort and expense of data management
  • Reduce Problem Isolation Time
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ER/Studio Data Lineage is available for these ETL tools:

  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • IBM DataStage
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Oracle ODI and OWB
  • SAP Business Objects Data Integrator
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Talend Data Integrator