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Addressing the Challenges of Managing Enterprise Data

With many organizations seeing 25 percent year-on-year data growth, and with data becoming more diverse and updated more frequently, the role of data management professionals has become increasingly complex. Data management professionals face three distinct challenges:

  • Improving and managing data quality
  • Leveraging enterprise data as an organizational asset
  • Clearly and effectively communicating data throughout an organization
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To address these issues, they need to define a data management strategy, in order to create and maintain large data models. Many organizations must deal with both structured and unstructured data, as well as a broad landscape of platforms. Those companies that can make even incremental improvements to the accurate and effective use of large data volumes will benefit from significant competitive advantages. When an organization can interpret data accurately, share data effectively, and re-use data quickly, the quality of business decision-making improves.

With a well-earned reputation for balancing powerful features with ease of use, ER/Studio gives data modelers and data architects the capabilities needed to analyze, document, and share essential metadata. These features are coupled with organizational visibility and alignment to pre-defined standards and data formats. ER/Studio provides direct access to existing data assets while reducing re-creation and redundancy.

Data management professionals turn to ER/Studio when they need to document, interpret, and fully take control of their enterprise data environment.

ER/Studio is the fastest, easiest and most collaborative way for data modeling professionals to build and maintain enterprise-scale databases and data warehouses. ER/Studio builds even further on its support of strategic enterprise systems including Teradata, Netezza, and Greenplum, as well as Big Data platform support for Hadoop, so that organizations can manage their data residing in diverse locations, from data centers to mobile platforms.

Combining ER/Studio with ER/Studio Team Server model and metadata collaboration enables faster and more effective decision-making using more accurate data. ER/Studio Team Server provides greater meaning, understanding and context to enterprise data with an extensible glossary so users can view, store and centrally manage authoritative business definitions.

ER/Studio enables data management professionals to easily share, document, and publish models and metadata to distributed teams. Empowered with easy-to-use features for communicating and collaborating on essential data and definitions, ER/Studio users find it simpler and faster to successfully manage their data and use it for making high-value decisions.

ER/Sudio Enterprise Edition is comprised of:


ER/Studio Data Architect

ER/Studio Data Architect

Access, analyze and optimize enterprise data for business insight
 Team Server Logo

ER/Studio Team Server *

Enterprise model and metadata collaboration for context, consistency, and compliance
ER/Studio Repository


Real-time data and business process collaboration
ER/Studio MetaWizard

MetaWizard *

Cross-platform metadata integration
ER/Studio Business Architect

Business Architect

Integrated business process and conceptual relationship mapping
ER/Studio Software Architect

Software Architect

Visually analyze, design, and implement software with UML support
* Included with Multi-Platform version only