Real-time data and business process collaboration


Repository for ER/Studio

Real-Time Data and Business Process Collaboration for the Enterprise

Repository for ER/Studio gives users real-time collaboration features for sharing and re-using assets across data and business process modeling projects. This collaborative working environment allows organizations to maintain compliance with business standards and mandatory regulations, while improving your ability to utilize enterprise data as a corporate asset.


"A Fortune 50 company needed to restate several years of financial data, which uncovered the company's metadata challenge. Using Embarcadero ER/Studio, the team achieved and exceeded its goals within the allotted timeframe and two years later, continues to record benefits derived from ER/Studio."
– A Fortune 50 Financial Company

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The Challenge of Real-Time Business Process Collaboration

With rapidly increasing volumes of enterprise data that originates from diverse data sources, data professionals struggle with timely and accurate shared use of common data sets.

enhanced data lineage

Data management professionals face three distinct challenges:

  • Controlled access to data models in a collaborative environment
  • Secure access to all assets to maintain data model integrity and privacy
  • Clear and effective communication of data throughout an organization

A repository can be too simple, extremely complicated, or very sophisticated. Data architects search for ease of use on the front end with complex tasks being handled behind the scenes.

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Data used individually is prone to bias and opinion. Data used collaboratively is likely to be interpreted with greater accuracy and found to be more actionable.

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Repository for ER/Studio offers a secure and scalable collaborative modeling environment for model and object version management.

The Repository works the way modeling teams work, delivering higher quality applications faster and more cost-effectively.

The Repository gives modeling teams and managers complete control of their ongoing projects straight out of the box, while allowing modelers to work naturally and seamlessly with each other.

enhanced data lineage


The Repository provides rich support for model version management, designed to allow organizations to easily manage all successive states of models and model metadata.

Repository-based collaborative modeling provides modeling teams significant advantages in controlling the state and safety of models and objects through the ability to apply user-defined layers of security.

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  • Sophisticated collaborative modeling capabilities
  • Standardizedenterprise data dictionary
  • Model and object version management
  • Integrated security management interface