DBE Database Examiner

Examiner is an easy-to-use, powerful solution that identifies design discrepancies, recommends precise corrections and generates scripts to implement revisions

Comprehensive Diagnostics. Examiner applies the rules of relational technology to detect flaws, inconsistencies and lack of integrity. It provides 50+ diagnostics that can be organized by category or severity levels. The user can customize the diagnostics by selecting those to be executed and assigning each one a severity level.

Recommendations and Corrections. Examiner provides recommendations for each issue detected in a schema or data model. It explains the situation and the impact of not fixing the error. In the situations where there is no need for human intervention, Examiner generates corrective SQL/DDL scripts.

Teach Me Facility. In addition to providing specific diagnostic and recommendations, Examiner explains the theory behind the message. This valuable “Teach Me” facility reveals the impact of design choices or modifications in light of Relational Theory. By instructing data modelers on the effect of their design decisions, Examiner helps modelers construct higher quality databases.

DBMS Platforms. Examiner supports the following database platforms: ORACLE, DB2 for zOS, DB2 UDB LUW (Linux, Unix and Windows), SQL Server and Sybase.

Key Features include, Comprehensive Diagnostics and Reporting, Design Discrepancy Isolation, "Teach Me" Facility, Direct Interface to CA ERwin Data Modeler.

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