CA ERwin®
Data Profiler

CA ERwin Data Profiler is a cross-system data profiling tool that analyzes your database or legacy systems to help ensure that data is consistent, accurate and properly designed. It allows you to compare live instance data with model metadata to ensure consistency between design and implementation for your master data management, data warehousing, or data management initiatives.

CA ERwin Data Profiler allows for Cross-system data profiling which can identify overlapping and unique attributes between systems and interactively compares record values between different data sources side-by-side. It also offers single-system profiling capabilities such as column analysis and statistics, discovery of primary-foreign keys and orphaned rows, and validation of unique identifier. In addition the analysis can be exported to CA ERwin® Data Modeler to provide a first cut data model.

CA ERwin Data Profiler helps clients ensure that data is consistent, accurate and properly designed across heterogeneous systems in their environment. Whether for a master data management initiative, data warehousing effort, or enterprise-wide consolidation of data assets, it is critical to arrive at a consistent definition of critical information assets such as customer, product, or vendor data.

Key Features include, Column Profiling and Analysis,  Primary Key - Foreign Key Discovery, Cross-System Attribute Overlap Analysis, Data Synchronization Analysis, CA ERwin Data Modeler Integration.