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CA ERwin R9.6.x Education - Now Available: 10/20/2015


ERwin Education


Harness the power of CA ERwin® with comprehensive education services offered by Sandhill's ERwin Academy. Supporting CA's entire line of CA ERwin® modeling solutions. 



Advance rapidly from basic modeling theory to real-world scenarios and advanced CA ERwin implementations. Learn how to translate design requirements into conceptual, logical, physical, and dimensional data models. Data modeling novice or professional, Sandhill's ERwin Academy will help you better understand your business data and show you how to get the best perspective of your modeling your enterprise data.


Sandhill's ERwin Academy offers both on-demand and one-day on-site classes introducing the beginner to modeling concepts and basic CA ERwin essentials, with progressively more advanced courses suitable for even the most experienced modeler. Combining two decades of CA ERwin experience with unrivalled modeling expertise, Sandhill's accumulated modeling knowledge will show you how to turn design of data models into valuable information-and transform information into priceless knowledge.





Data Modeling Concepts provides for a basic understanding of data modeling procedures, how data models are developed, and introduces the notation used to define and record those data models. Course presentations and classroom exercises introduce analysts, developers, and DBAs to the fundamentals of data modeling using CA ERwin based methods and concepts. Data Modeling Concepts is available both as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations, and on-demand via the web.



This one day course is designed to present data modeling techniques as they apply to CA ERwin® R9.6.


CA's ERwin® Introduction class, briefly reviews data modeling concepts, and delivers a detailed introduction to CA's ERwin® Data Modeler. The course teaches the essential features of an CA's ERwin® data model, shows how to create and define basic data model objects and basic relational structures, and demonstrates defining and using constraints. The physical elements of this one-day course are focused on generics rather than DBMS-specific support. CA's ERwin® Fundamentals is available both as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations, and on-demand via the web.




ERwin Intermediate is a one day course designed to present

an in-depth class on CA's ERwin® advanced features used by many organizations to leverage greater benefits from the tool. Building on the foundation of ERwin Fundamentals, this course offers more in-depth understanding of the links between a combined logical/physical model, and an overview of CA's ERwin®'s Layer Architecture. The one-day course covers CA's ERwin® features for data warehousing, naming and datatype standards, domains, layer architecture, generalization hierarchies, transforms, and more. ERwin Intermediate is available both as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations, and on-demand via the web.




CA's latest version of ERwin Workgroup changed the way users and administrators manage and use Model Manager.  This one day class is essential for both modelers and administrators to understand and utilize the new functionality contained with CA ERwin Workgroup Model Manager. This hands on course is designed to cover an overview of the workgroup repository, an overview of the administration, and spend the bulk of the time in working with the new interface. Students who complete this class will have a complete  understanding of the new features in CA's updated workgroup repository. CA's ERwin® Workgroup class is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations.


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