Explore the art and science of data modeling. Enhance your data management expertise, or sharpen your advanced data architecting skills. Discover how to get the most value from your erwin® investment, and master your next data modeling project-with the world-acclaimed erwin training and education from Sandhill Consultants.

Sandhill erwin Academy

Harness the power of erwin® data modeling with the comprehensive education services offered by Sandhill's erwin Academy. Supporting erwin's entire line of erwin® data modeling products and solutions, the erwin Academy combines the unmatched expertise and technical mentoring of the world's acknowledged erwin® data modeling experts-Sandhill Consultants.

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Advance rapidly from basic data modeling theory to real-world scenarios and advanced erwin® implementations. Learn how to translate business requirements into logical, physical, and dimensional data models. Data modeling novice or professional, Sandhill's erwin Academy will help you better understand your business data and show you how to get the best data perspective of your changing enterprise.

Sandhill's erwin Academy offers one-day classes introducing the beginner to data modeling concepts and basic erwin® essentials, with progressively more advanced courses suitable for even the most experienced data modeler. Combining two decades of erwin® experience with unrivalled data modeling expertise, Sandhill's accumulated data modeling and process modeling knowledge will show you how to turn business data and processes into valuable information-and transform information into priceless knowledge.

On-site, one-day, hands-on classes

Purchasing a modeling tool is a significant investment, and Sandhill's erwin Academy is the cost-effective way to maximize your return. Become proficient and productive in the shortest possible time. Grow your professional skills, and expand your expertise. Get the right training at the right time, packaged to fit your business needs. Offering hands-on training classes, the erwin Academy curriculum was developed by the people who know erwin® products best: Sandhill Consultants.

Sandhill erwin Academy offers on-site instruction with flexibly scheduled one-day classes that can be mixed, matched, and customized to fit your specific requirements. Choose the course level appropriate to your skills, and benefit from erwin® development learning paths for DBAs, data architects, enterprise architects, business analysts, system analysts. IT managers, developers, and other IT professionals. All Sandhill Consultants training material includes detailed step by step instructions and screen shots where possible.

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