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Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards for erwin, ER/Studio and SAP

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Modeling Best Practices - Critical Foundation for Data Governance using any of the major modeling tools

Whether your organization has embarked on a Data Management Maturity (DMM)™ initiative, or is implementing a Data Governance program, Data Quality Strategy or embracing DMBOK, having comprehensive data architectural and design standards, definitions and best practices is critical to ensure the success of those initiatives.

Successful Data Governance is build upon a strong standards based framework. A key goal is to ensure that all data is defined in a consistent and standardized way.  While policy can guide the overall standardization process, efficient and usable design technology, methodologies and enforceable best practices are also required.

Data Modeling tools and Data Modeling methodologies are well proven and are generally the way in which organizations accomplish effective data design. The challenge organizations struggle with is implementing critical standards and best practices that are effective and easy to use.

Organizations that have been able to establish these critical standards and best practices have seen increased Quality, Value and Trust of the data to the stakeholders.

EM-SOS!™ (Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards) Framework streamlines the development of business driven data definitions and models, enabling their reuse, preventing redundancy and providing enforcement of corporate standards



The EM-SOS!™ Framework allows data professionals to quickly plan, launch, enforce and maintain their enterprise modeling and data definition efforts. This is accomplished by adopting the EM-SOS!™ Framework which includes best practice standards, procedures, forms, glossaries, definitions and erwin® model templates for supporting operational requirements and driving business alignment and success.

EM-SOS!™ helps organizations develop good data definitions, eliminate data redundancies, reduce risk and cut project costs by establishing clearly-defined enterprise data model standards. These standards are required for your organization to realize an optimal Return On Investment from your erwin® modeling solution, and allows for understanding and standardization of data across the organization. .

 EM-SOS!™ based data models become essential communications artifacts in Data Governance at all levels, including executive, strategic, tactical and operational, helping assure the consistency and efficacy of your data management initiatives.

Comprehensive and easily customizable for specific client needs, EM-SOS!™ provides all the information necessary for implementing an efficient and effective modeling environment using fewer internal resources, thus saving both time and money for implementation. EM-SOS!™ provides more than 36 critical blueprints, standards, procedures, check lists, forms, reports and templates, including comprehensive "how to" instructions.

EM-SOS!™ resides on your intranet or inside your MS SharePoint wiki, making the accessibility and enforcement of modeling standards and procedures available to analysts, modelers and DBAs whether on-site or outsourced. Combined with Sandhill's extensive modeling infrastructure consulting expertise, organizations can quickly create the enterprise standards and procedures they need to leverage the power of consistent, reusable data structures and models as well as take advantage of the enterprise modeling environments that they use.

Key Features include, Data Model and Shared Object Life-Cycles, Standards, Procedures, Forms, Reports and Model Templates.




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