Data Model NoSQL

Expose NoSQL data sources to the enterprise in a standardized and governed way.


NoSQL is a strong disrupter in the data management landscape. However, it does not necessarily lend itself to many traditional use cases requiring us to maintain and integrate traditional database platforms with new “un-structured” data sources in a hybrid data architecture. Therefore, the challenge to early adopters of this technology is two-fold:

How do we master and manage this new technology?

How do we integrate it into the existing, well-understood infrastructure?

erwin DM NoSQL aims to answer these questions by enabling organizations capture and create visual data models of MongoDB instances. Once edits have been made to these models, the tool can recreate them as MongoDB structures in their original environments. This familiar data management approach of reverse-engineer, edit, forward-engineer applied to NoSQL ensures that organizations can rapidly adapt to (and realise the value of) this emerging technology.

Key Features Include:

erwin DM NoSQL is a 100% SaaS-based tool, provided for a monthly subscription fee. There is nothing to implement or install, simply login through a browser. Support is included, and product updates are automatically applied behind the scenes. Choose between multi-tenant, with shared infrastructure in the U.S. or U.K., or single tenant, providing dedicated infrastructure and resources.

erwin DM NoSQL store diagram



Import from erwin DM
Take advantage of erwin Data Modeler – the industry-leading data modelling solution. Import erwin DM models for visualization and analysis to drive your MongoDB data source definitions and design.

Relationship definition for documentation
You can document relationships between data elements within your NoSQL model for the purpose of analysis. These relationships will guide developers and data analysts in understanding data value chains that naturally exist although this unstructured data environment does not explicitly define them.

Transformation of Entity-Relationship diagrams to MongoDB structures
Query-Optimized Modeling™ guided de-normalization options that users can choose to transform traditional data models and logical data designs into NoSQL.



Forward-Engineering to MongoDB
Once you create your physical design, erwin DM NoSQL automates the creation of JSON-like document definitions scripts used to instantiate your MongoDB database.

erwin DM NoSQL diagram

Reverse-Engineering from MongoDB
erwin DM NoSql provides a connection manager to your hosted MongoDB instances, enabling the automated creation of native NoSQL models from data source definitions previously deployed in MongoDB based on statistical data analysis.

Comments and collaboration
The tool enables the creation of user comments, including user tagging, to facilitate social collaboration and extended documentation. Notifications can be provided in-tool or via email, updating modelers of the status and results of key tool operations and processes.

Erwin DM NoSQL is the first and only enterprise-class data modelling solution to provide native (non-relational) modelling support for MongoDB, automating the creation of platform-specific deployment scripts.


Available as a SAAS license model