Fundamentals of ERwin 201*

Sandhill Academy's Fundamentals of erwin® 201 teaches the fundamentals of using erwin® line of data modeling solutions, and includes courses designed for Data Modelers, System Analysts and DBA's to familiarize their use with erwin®, and Casewise Modeler. These introductory courses are designed to review data modeling, dimensional modeling and process modeling basics and progressively move to more advanced aspects of working with the products. Fundamentals of erwin® 201 courses include:

erwin Fundamentals   (Click here to see TOC)

erwin® Fundamentals, briefly reviews data modeling concepts, and delivers a detailed introduction to erwin® Data Modeler. The course teaches the essential features of an erwin® data model, shows how to create and define basic data model objects and basic relational structures, and demonstrates defining and using constraints. The physical elements of this one-day course are focused on generics rather than DBMS-specific support. erwin® Fundamentals is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations.

erwin Workgroup (formally Model Manager) Training

erwin Inc latest version of erwin Workgroup changed the way users and administrators manage and use Model Manager.  This one day class is essential for both modelers and administrators to understand and utilize the new functionality contained with erwin Workgroup Model Manager. This hands on course is designed to cover an overview of the workgroup repository, an overview of the administration, and spend the bulk of the time in working with the new interface. Students who complete this class will have an complete  understanding of the new features in erwin's updated workgroup repository. erwin® Workgroup class is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations.

Dimensional Modeling Concepts and Fundamentals

Dimensional Modeling Concepts and Fundamentals starts with a brief overview of dimensional modeling concepts to level set the knowledge on the theory of Dimensional Modeling and reviews what are facts and dimensions.   The students then learn to describe, design and build dimensional models and model marts using Star Schemas’ or Snowflake Dimensional Modeling Techniques.  Students also learn how to define the three classic types of time variants and how they are traditionally positioned. Part of the class also focuses on  normalization / de-normalization as part of the design process, and assess their impact on the key structures.  This class is filled with hand on lab exercises and upon completion the student will know how to do dimensional modeling in erwin®.  Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals is available as an instructor-led training class, held on-site at client locations