erwin® Enterprise Modeling Options


erwin® Enterprise Modeling Options are a set of modeling products within the erwin product family which provide a complete modeling solution to assist in analysis, design and development of high quality, cost effective, agile, and business-focused IT database management systems and applications. erwin® Enterprise Modelng Options are Windows-based desktop solutions supporting databases and data warehouses running on mainframes, Linux, Unix, Windows, and any platform in between.

Simplify the complex tasks of analyzing, designing and implementing applications, erwin® Enterprise Modeling Options provides the capabilities you need to visualize the existing relationships between business and technology, examine and validate planned changes, and to manage ongoing maintenance of your entire information architecture.

erwin® Enterprise Modeling options offers design documentation, integrated analysis and traceability (action log), a collaborative approach to database modeling, including analysis, design and generation (multi-user model repository), standardization and reuse for design consistency (templates, domains, naming and datatype standards), design validation and a meta data discovery solution for enterprise applications.

The erwin® Enterprise Modeling Options comprised of:

  • erwin® Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) - A powerful data modeling solution designed for collaborative modeling for teams of data modelers.
  • erwin® Data Modeler Standard Edition (SE) - A powerful data modeling solution designed for standalone data modelers.   
  • erwin® Data Modeler - Navigator Edition (NW)  - A read-only version of the Workgroup Edition product for secure sharing of detailed modeling assets with a wide range of stakeholders across the organization.
  • erwin® Web Portal (WP)  - erwin® Web Portal transforms the erwin® Data Model into a web 2.0 based Portal that allows administrators to publish and analyze client’s data and business models.

Data Modeler - Workgroup Edition

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Data Modeler - Standard Edition

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Data Modeler - Navigator Edition

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Data Modeler - Web Portal

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