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Data Architect Edition

Enhance the quality and accuracy of your data-driven initiatives with a unified, highly visual blueprint of your organization’s core information assets . SAP PowerDesigner data architecture tooling software.

Gain a deeper understanding of how data is being used across your organization and collaborates with other teams using the SAP PowerDesigner Repository. This collaborative data architecture tooling solution takes data modeling to the next level, making it easier for all stakeholders to manage data as a strategic company asset.

  • Leverage enterprise data as a strategic asset with powerful metadata management and tooling
  • Empower database designers and administrators with support for all leading RDBMS
  • Increase productivity with a combination of modeling tools and database design techniques
  • Collaboration with other modelers via SAP PowerDesigner repository, and SAP PowerDesigner Portal
  • Collaboration with the business
  • Includes Requirements Modeling and XML Modeling
  • Data Architect is available with or without a repository