Professional Services

Tackle the most challenging data management problems. Discover new data modeling technologies, tools, and methodologies. Get the most from your data modeling investment-with world-class professional services from Sandhill Consultants.

Data. It's your organization's most vital asset. Effective data management is the key to enhancing and protecting the value of your data, and Sandhill Professional Services delivers unmatched data management and data modeling expertise that help your organization transform business objectives into reality.

Sandhill offers a comprehensive array of full-capability professional services, implementations, upgrades, education, and support to enhance the value of clients' data modeling products and solutions. Embarking on a traditional database design effort, data warehouse project, or Data Management initiative, our worldwide team of seasoned erwin, PowerDesigner and ER/Studio consultants will help with planning, management, migration, and boosting the performance of your data modeling projects.

Sandhill's professional services offer customized solutions for enterprise modeling, data warehousing, CMMI -DMM assessments, project management, and more. Teamed with our modeling product support specialists and our acclaimed Academy educators, Sandhill’s professional services team will deliver the experience and expertise your organization needs to succeed.

CMMI Institute - DMM Assessments

For organizations that seek to evaluate and improve their data management practices, CMMI® Institute has developed the Data Management Maturity (DMM) model to bridge the perspective gap between business and IT. It provides a common language and framework depicting what progress looks like in all of the fundamental disciplines of data management, and offers a gradated path to improvement which is easily tailored to an organization’s business strategies, strengths and priorities.

Sandhill offers a DMM Assessment,  incorporating a strategy which centers on the improvement of an organization’s data management process. Sandhill DMM is the key to bringing an effective return on opportunity for data governance  efforts, and delivering trusted reliable data.


Enterprise Data Modeling with erwin, PowerDesigner and ER/Studio

Improve data quality, lower software development costs, and enhance true ROI with Sandhill’s Enterprise Data Modeling services. Sandhill’s professional services team helps your organization develop Enterprise Data Models (EDM) using the leading data modeling solutios -erwin Data Modeler, SAP PowerDesigner or ER/Studio.

Create and maintain data assets that are unique, accurate, traceable, and reusable. Build a 360-degree view of your business, and increase understanding across departments. Sandhill’s professional services team offers years of hands-on modeling experience with designing and implementing enterprise data models, and recommending solutions for EDM, data governance, data stewardship, data-quality improvement, metadata administration, data modeling best practices, and more.



For clients upgrading their erwin Data Modeler environment, experience has shown that because of changes in the underlying meta models, certain components may not transition to the new model as expected. This may result in inconsistencies between the old model and upgraded models. These differences which in part may be due to bad modeling practices, corruption in original models or a host of other reasons can cause potential loss of information, integrity and confidence in the new data model

Sandhill’s erwin Model Audit Program in conjunction with our upgrade service, will check the original model against the upgraded model and report on any missing or changed entities / tables, attributes / columns, key groups / indexes, relationships, key group / index members, subject areas, subject area members etc.

Upgrade your erwin Modeling environment with confidence. Contact Sandhill Consultants for more details.


Data Warehousing

Manage, retrieve, analyze, and transform your data within a reliable and powerful operational data repository. Enable access to consistently accurate information to support critical business decisions with Sandhill's data warehousing services. Sandhill’s professional services team provide complete services for clients seeking to design and implement their data warehouse with erwin Data Modeler, SAP PowerDesigner or ER/Studio.

Our modeling professionals work with you to build truly unique solutions based on the fundamental designs of the Kimball or Inmon data warehouse approaches. Customized to meet the needs of many diverse industries, Sandhill’s data warehousing services include architecture design and modeling, metadata management solutions, and data warehouse migration services.


Your Modeling Experts

Sandhill's professional services team are world-acclaimed for their unmatched Modeling expertise and experience. Our seasoned consultants work with you to create an effective enterprise data strategy, and to ease integration and migration with many of the leading modeling software components including Saphir option for ERP solutions, Metadata Repositories, and modeling solutions for Master Data Management design.

To request additional information on Sandhill's Professional Services, or schedule a phone call from one of our modeling professionals, please e-mail: Robert.Lutton@sandhillconsultants.com