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Robert Lutton - Vice President, Sandhill Consultants

Robert Lutton

Robert Lutton, runs Sandhill Consultants North America and had been directly responsible for creating an organization that delivers technology, service, products and training in the areas of Enterprise and Data Architecture.

Robert has used his vision to develop,  market and deliver innovative solutions of exceptional value in the area of Enterprise Architecture, Data Design Management and Data Governance to Sandhill customers.  Robert has built a highly skilled organization, known in the industry for its expertise and responsiveness to its customers’ needs.

Sandhill Consultants is recognized as a growing, innovative organization and Robert has been instrumental in this growth.  With over 20 years of broad business and technical experience, Robert has enabled Sandhill Consultants in all of its business and operations aspects including, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service, and Consulting.

Robert continues to guide Sandhill Consultants growth and will continue to lead the organization to expand its reach in every aspect of the business.