Safyr Option for ERP


Enterprise Data Management projects demand a detailed level of understanding of the data models in SAP, Salesforce and Oracle systems

If you had unlimited time, resource and budget you could probably try to find the exact data models you need for your projects manually or by engaging with application specialists.

As an alternative, you could investigate how Safyr (from Silwood) drastically reduces the time and cost associated with gaining a level of understanding of the detailed metadata information in these sophisticated application packages such as, SAP, SAP BW, SAP HANA, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards Enterprise which is critical to the successful implementation of any Enterprise Data Management project.

Customers have used Safyr with Data Warehouse, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Migration, Master Data Management and Data Governance programmes as well as to help with Application Migration, Convergence and Rationalisation, Enterprise Architecture and even Software Quality initiatives.


Understanding your data in any corporate data source is a major metadata intelligence challenge. However the size and complexity of these systems from SAP and Oracle means that this challenge is virtually impossible to meet manually without a great deal of often scarce, specialist help, time and as one of our customers, RS Components said "a large helping of guesswork".

Without this understanding companies increase the risk of project overspend and delay, inaccurate data being used and a degradation of the reputation of IT within the business.

Safyr is a unique metadata intelligence tool that helps to solve this problem by providing ready access to comprehensive metadata in a form that is usable by all of the technical & analyst teams across the company. This allows you to locate and understand the sophisticated data structures, including any database customisations and extensions that you have made.

As a result Safyr presents data warehouse designers, business analysts and information management teams with full details on the relationships between tables, making it easy to understand for example exactly how to join tables for queries and data extraction. Importantly Safyr content can be used with a variety of modelling, integration and metadata management tools.