About Us

Simon Carter - President & CEO

Simon Carter is the president and chief executive officer of Sandhill UK and Sandhill Consultants North America.. A founder of Sandhill, Simon managed and guided the company for the past 18 years to become the leading international supplier of data modeling and data management solutions and services.

Simon has been involved in data processing, data modeling, and data management for more than two decades. Graduating with a degree in Combined Sciences, Simon pursued a ten-year career as an IT consultant, working with some of Europe’s largest clients. Today, Simon's leadership has helped Sandhill garner international acclaim and success, including recognition as the exclusive data modeling partner for one of the world's largest banks.

As the UK's top CA ERwin partner, Simon remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and data modeling techniques. Recognized as the UK's representative the International ERwin User Group, Simon actively helps users provide feedback and direction Computer Associates (CA), the ERwin User Group Executive Team, and the worldwide ERwin user community.