CA ERwin®
Web Portal

CA ERwin® Web Portal transforms the CA ERwin® Data Model into a web 2.0 based Portal that allows administrators to publish and analyze client’s data and business models.   The CA ERwin® Web Portal provides a simple, customizable web-based interface that allows both business and technical users  to share information from a single Data Model or multiple data models across the organization,  and to easily visualize the important metadata information that is within CA ERwin® Data Model.

CA’s ERwin® Web Portal, provides functionality that cannot be found in ERwin Data Modeler by itself.  The CA ERwin® Web Portal allows sharing of information with all audiences. While some users need a desktop tool to build and analyze data models, there exists a community of users (BA, BI Analyst, Developer, DBA, Data Architects, MDM Analyst, Data Managers, etc...) who need access to and understanding of this metadata.  CA ERwin® Web Portal addresses this need.  Leveraging powerful graphical visualization, combined with state of the art browsing and search capabilities.

Sharing vital information is critical to promoting trust.  CA ERwin® Web Portal provides a coherent and collaborative solution, allowing an organization to improve asset utilization, reduce waste and increase communication and collaboration throughout the organization.

With the CA ERwin® Web Portal, all users can easily search for critical definitions with an internet-style keyword search paradigm and perform drill-down analysis into key data elements, to help assess the impact of change and understand critical data-centric business rules and definitions.

CA ERwin® Web Portal includes key features, such as Diagram Visualization, Data Linage and Graphical Impact Analysis, Internet Style keyword search, Browsing and Drill Down capabilities and Reporting, all through an easy to use, customizable Interface for both business and technical users