Data Content - Qualification

Achieving and maintaining high quality data is critical to the success of strategic business initiatives by reducing the consequences of inaccurate data.

Our approach is to first assess the current state of your organization’s data quality practices. Depending on the assessment results, we enable you to be more efficient in profiling and cleaning your data. To be effective requires a data quality program. We will help you establish the data quality criteria for your DQ program. Where one exists, we can provide for process improvements of your DQ capabilities, so your program becomes enterprise-scalable.

The outcomes of an enterprise-scalable data quality program are:

  • The business has confidence in the data to enable strategic decision-making
  • The business value of high-quality data is communicated and promulgated
  • The business has trust in data facilitated by traceability to the data source and its meaning
  • Data quality is integrated into the design and development of business systems leading to higher information consumer satisfaction
  • Reduction of orders of magnitudes of rework to correct data faults by root cause analysis

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