Data Governance Collaboration

The implementation and operation of Data Governance and Data Collaboration Technologies across the enterprise.

For organizations that are developing a new or have an existing data governance program, buying or building supporting technologies may be costly, overly time-consuming, or functionally incomplete. erwin’s Data Governance Experience (EDGE)® technology can support your Data Governance Framework, such as Sandhill’s Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™, by instantiating business glossaries, data dictionaries, policy management, and role-based user interfaces to enhance data governance staff workflows, collaboration, and performance. EDGE also supports data lineage and impact analysis providing data stewards and data owners with additional information to evaluate the consequences of non-compliance of data objects.

The erwin Web Portal is a technology that provides data access to all stakeholders. Information consumers will be better informed by knowing their data’s source, seeing the inter-relationships between elements, and can better assess the impact of potential changes. This will allow stakeholders to detect structural anomalies and assess and remediate them, thereby increasing their confidence and trust in their data.

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