Metadata Management

Metadata Management relates to the structure of data. It is the definition of the fundamental form of the elements of enterprise information from an integration of business and technical perspectives.

Metadata Management is the process for identifying and classifying enterprise information by providing the structure and context for the content of an organization’s data assets. It enables effective integration, retrieval, usage, and management of these assets.

Metadata Management and the creation of the enterprise metadata catalog, as with Silwood Safyr®, facilitates, supports, and contributes to achievement of the management of critical data elements. It provides the foundation for the qualification, measurement, and analysis of data against a set of architectural metadata standards - such as that provided by Sandhill’s Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards – EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Framework.

Sandhill’s offering for Metadata Management delivers the assessment, planning, and repository implementation of comprehensive enterprise scale metadata capabilities. It addresses the processes for collection, production, and maintenance of both business term and technical metadata. The capability comprises more than just the definitions and structure of data elements, and includes all the business rules, names of relevant systems, and the governance and regulatory roles and other control requirements.

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