Sandhill Frameworks

The definition, development, implementation, and operation of Data Governance and Data Standardization practices across the enterprise.

Derived from your business strategies and objectives, our approach delivers two frameworks. The first Sandhill Framework is our Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™. It integrates all the critical components necessary for an effective data governance implementation including: assessments, planning, policies, business term and metadata management processes, measures, standards, organizational responsibilities and accountabilities, reports, and automated workflows.

The second Sandhill Framework, our Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards – EM-SOS!™ 2.0 establishes the structural standards for data, along with associated data management, life cycle, and measurement best practices. This framework is accessible and deployable across your enterprise ensuring higher levels of data integrity, consistency of data meaning, and reuse while reducing redundancy and cost of ownership.

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