Sandhill Consultants and Axis Software Designs announce the first Design Management Solution for Enterprise Data Designers and Managers.  Combining Sandhill’s successful Enterprise Modeling Set of Standards, EM-SOS!™ with a new intelligent workflow system, EM-SOS!™ 2.0 enables data professionals to rapidly implement effective data design standards and processes.

Designed for rapid implementation, EM-SOS!™ 2.0 will allow data management professionals to achieve a higher degree of data quality and data Integrity by using rigorous, critical standards, procedures and data model life cycle strategies within a model management framework. EM-SOS!™ 2.0 will enable organizations to quickly implement these standards and procedures utilizing built-in, automated workflows to fully leverage the power and promise of data design management solutions.
“In today’s fast paced enterprise modeling environments, data consistency and trustworthiness are essential.  Everyone knows that following best practices, standards, and procedures will help eliminate data redundancies, inconsistencies and reduce risk” says CEO Marcie Barkin Goodwin of Axis Software Designs. “The critical issue within many organizations is that there is either a shortage of skilled resources that can build modeling standards and procedures, or there is insufficient time to develop the infrastructure when everyone is already working a full schedule.”
EM-SOS!™ 2.0  from Sandhill Consultants helps organizations jump start their data design challenges by delivering over 36 clearly defined modeling artifacts including standards, procedures, forms, life cycle strategy diagrams, reports and a core workflow for data model submissions – content that every organization needs to ensure the ‘Return on Value’ for their data design efforts.
Sandhill Consultants and Axis Software Designs have taken their combined industry experience and produced an easy to use out-of-the-box framework, usable by data modelers, architects, analysts, DBAs and validators.  The result is the creation of a world class experience that allows data management professionals to maximize data reusability, reduce data redundancies and boost data interoperability, communication and effectiveness.
Sandhill Consultants CEO, Simon Carter says, “The objective of EM-SOS!™ 2.0 is to provide a standards framework that enables organizations to quickly plan, launch and maintain their modeling environment efforts. This goal is accomplished by leveraging the EM-SOS!™ 2.0 framework to produce the critical standards and procedures essential to support the metadata requirements of today’s organization while delivering business success.”
Sandhill Consultants VP of Sales and Marketing, Robert Lutton, says that most organizations have some standards.  When a gap analysis is performed, however, a huge discrepancy is often seen between what exists and what is required in an enterprise modeling environment. This is where EM-SOS!™ 2.0 comes in. By embracing EM-SOS!™ 2.0, Sr. Management, Data Management and Design Professionals now have an approach to provide consistent and correct metadata across the enterprise.  Sandhill Consultants’ EM-SOS!™ 2.0 can tie into many of the projects that are currently in progress, such as MDM, Governance, BI and Data Warehouse projects as well as any enterprise modeling endeavor.

About Sandhill Consultants

Sandhill Consultants provides industry-acclaimed Enterprise modeling and data architecture solutions, services, training and EM-SOS!™ 2.0, the modeling standards and best practices Framework. Sandhill is a certified CMMI Institute Partner that offers Data Management Maturity (DMM)? model assessments to organizations looking for a graduated path to Data Management improvement that is tailored to an organization’s IT strategies.

For more information, please visit our webpage at: or contact your local Sandhill representative.

About Axis Software Designs

Axis Software Designs is a Model Management Services company providing model management infrastructure products and services expertise.  For over 20 years, Axis has specialized in the analysis and implementation of integrated enterprise modeling environments, elevating the level of interoperability, metadata consistency and resource communication across the corporation.
EM-SOS!™ 2.0 is the most sophisticated modeling infrastructure framework in the marketplace, combining model management expertise with a customizable delivery mechanism. 

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