Hackers value your private and sensitive data. Protect your critical data by identifying, managing and protecting against potential vulnerabilities.

Exposure of private and sensitive data is making headlines. Affected organizations suffer severe financial consequences as well as damage to public image and reputation. In this webinar, we will review ways to facilitate forensic analysis when data has been compromised and present methods of prevention to ensure that data loss does not happen, or happen again.

Learn how the erwin platform can help reduce the threat of data breaches by addressing the dimensions of Risk Management: classification, valuation, detection and mitigation. It is not just about ensuring data security, it is about trust and traceability, and the appropriate level of data governance that best illustrates an understanding of your data landscape which encompasses the what, how, who and where, of your sensitive corporate data.

We will demonstrate a concurrent engineering approach to both data and process modeling that allows for top down and bottom up views. We will illustrate traceability between the data and application architectures. To complete the enterprise architecture picutre, we will also show how these systems are represented and linked to the security and network operating models.