The importance of data modeling is more apparent than ever before due to the emergence of both social media and big data, as well as the democratization of data analysis and the continued interest in a single source of truth. Enterprises require a data modeling tool that enables groups to collaborate on building conceptual and logical models, and enables non-specialist stakeholders to have visibility in a form they understand.

Parallax Capital Partners has acquired CA’s ERwin business, which will now be known as ERwin, and is looking to build value by investing in the solution, its partners, and its expert people. As organizations continue to strive for a “data-driven” approach to doing business, the data management market is ripe for growth. ERwin expects to invest in its technology and add new products to extend its lead in the overall database modeling market and into the emerging high-value data management disciplines.

Key Findings:

  • ERwin Data Modeler is one of the most extensively used and recognized data modeling tools and has been for two decades.
  • The ERwin family of products covers all key capabilities of data modeling, from the core use case of building logical or physical data models, to deploying database schema, as well as reverse-engineering databases, data governance, ERP data models, and big data.
  • ERwin Data Modeler enables data modeling for various usage scenarios, such as modeling for transactional applications, big data initiatives, and for BI-related purposes, such as building data marts, warehouses, and lakes.
  • The range of platforms supported for physical data model generation is comprehensive, and includes all the main database platforms.
  • Collaborative data model development has been promoted through many constructs, such as conflict resolution and model lineage, supported by the ERwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition.