Why Incomplete, Inconsistent and Missing Definitions cause mayhem on Analytics and Data Governance

Join us for a webinar on Feb 05, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST.

Contrasting definitions can lead to a massive divergence on reported results and related business decisions.

Most organizations assume that there is a standard formula for calculations. However, it’s the definition that affects the formula. For example, consider the following analysis of a report that contains the following 3 columns. Gross Margin, Markup, Discount? The questions you need to know is where can you go to find the definitive answer?

Understanding the differences and when each definition is being used is critical for those managing the business. Using differing definitions in different contexts isn’t inherently bad as long as there are correct and accurate definitions.

Join us for this webcast focusing on how Sandhill Consultants, levering erwin Mapping Manager will show how an organization can avoid ending up with different parts of an organization diverging in their approaches to defining key business metrics, which can lead to substantially different decisions being made.
During our presentation and demonstration, we will address the following Data Catalog Use Cases.

• #1. Fixing an incomplete definition
• #2. Identifying and creating the correct definition to a term process
• #3. Resolving inconsistent definitions

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