Data Quality Assessment

Sandhill’s Data Quality Assessment measures and evaluates your organization’s data quality according to processes and qualification of critical data elements against data quality rules for the structure and content of data.

Product Brief

Data quality assessments support the development and attainment of predefined quality expectations and measure data quality for the organizations’ critical data elements, organized by data domains. Initiation of assessments is driven by business objectives, and is focused on highly shared data required by multiple business areas, to support financial reporting and commercial and regulatory compliance.

Main Idea/Benefit

To support the integrity of the critical data elements, it is essential to establish and sustain a business-driven function to evaluate and improve the quality of these data assets. The assessment will be performed according to standardized objectives from industry accepted techniques and processes. The data quality needs to be continually measured and monitored utilizing scorecards, dashboards, and other analytical reports. These measurements will form the basis for development and enhancements of the organizations data quality improvement plans.

The data quality assessment is performed to assure that the organization has appropriate access to trusted verifiable data. The assessment is part of the larger Data Quality capability which includes the flowing process areas:

  • Data Quality Strategy
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Cleansing

In addition, due to the strong inter-dependencies, the assessment will cover the association of the data operations practices with the following data management practice areas:

  • Data Governance: Business Glossary, Metadata Management
  • Data Management Strategy: Data Management Strategy, Data Management Function
  • Data Operations: Data Requirements Definition, Provider Management
  • Platform & Architecture: Architectural Standards

Solution Overview

Working with your data organization, Sandhill’s Data Quality Assessment provides a documented Findings and Recommendations Report that includes:

  • Measurement of data quality against strategies and goals based on business objectives for critical data elements
  • Set of data quality priorities and goals transformed into actionable criteria for data quality dimension
  • An evaluation of the current level of data quality.
  • A roadmap of how to close the gap between the current and desired data quality associated with the Data Management processes.

Key Benefits

  • A common terminology
  • A shared understanding and vision among stakeholders
  • A clear path to increasing data management capabilities
  • A positive solution for achieving business objectives from data management process improvement

Data Management Engagements

Domain Education

Sandhill Consultants offers both standardized, modular education, as well as custom offerings. The following Education is recommended:

  • Data Management Maturity Model Executive Overview
  • Data Management Maturity Model Foundation

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Data Management Maturity Assessments

Sandhill’s approach to helping clients achieve desired levels of Data Management Maturity incorporates all of the data management practice areas. The following Sandhill DMM resources are particularly relevant:


Sandhill offers consulting and expert resourcing the following areas:

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