Data Risk Management Consulting

Sandhill Consultants provides services to support the continuous process of reducing the risk of commercial and regulatory non-compliance associated with the form and substance of data. Our primary focus is a business-centric view of the potential of financial and reputational losses from inaccurate, unintegrated and untrustworthy data.


Data Risk Management Expert Resourcing

Sandhill has the experience, frameworks, technologies, and expertise for the remediation of risks associated with data faults in the structure, content, and lifecycle of data assets. Sandhill’s expert resourcing services can provide your organization with the subject matter expertise to enhance your data fault remediation initiatives.

Sandhill has extensive knowledge and technical skills to provide:

  • Semantic Data Lineage Facilitation
  • Technical Metadata Lineage Facilitation
  • Data Qualification and Rationalization – Critical Data Elements (CDE)
  • Data Lifecycle Management – Validation & Verification
  • Architectural Standards Compliance Review

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Not only do we sell data modeling software packages, but our extensive knowledge allows us to not only support your organization in proper use, but our own standards products are also available to ensure data efficiencies.