Data Warehouse Consulting

Realize business value from an organization’s data assets through the transformation of data into information.


Data Warehouse Strategy and Planning

Sandhill’s DW Strategy and Planning offering is a an engagement aimed at yielding a more in-depth understanding of the level of effort and specific information needs required to satisfy a specific group of information consumers.

The Sandhill team will examine the information needs of the organization, and the technical and organizational constraints and readiness. The result is a high-level plan for a data warehousing effort, including the overall scope and resource requirements for the project, the anticipated data volumes, and the priority business drivers and information needs which must be addressed.

A high-level workplan will identify the Data Warehouse increments and the sequencing according to business needs.

Data Warehousing Expert Resourcing

Sandhill Consultants are industry recognized experts in the Data Warehousing domain. Sandhill’s expert resourcing offering can provide an organization with the subject matter expertise to enhance your data warehouse program initiatives.

Sandhill has extensive knowledge and technical skills to provide:

  • Enterprise Reporting Strategy
  • Data Warehouse Architecture Design
  • Data Warehouse Metadata Management Planning
  • Data Warehouse Modeling
  • Multi-Dimensional Data Mart Modeling

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Not only do we sell data modeling software packages, but our extensive knowledge allows us to not only support your organization in proper use, but our own standards products are also available to ensure data efficiencies.