erwin Data Governance EDGE

erwin Data Governance (erwin DG) role-based software delivers on the “Data Governance 2.0” imperative. erwin DG is a SaaS solution that expands data governance beyond IT, so every organizational stakeholder can discover, understand, govern, and socialize data.

Product Brief

The erwin DG enterprise data governance experience assists with mitigating risk and allows for the improvement of organizational performance while accelerating growth. Traditional data governance functionality is enhanced through persona-based interfaces and integrated data modeling, enterprise architecture, and business process modeling for data impact analysis, a powerful capability to show how changes will impact enterprise operations.

Solution Overview

erwin DG is a SaaS solution that enables both IT and business users to discover, understand, govern, and socialize data assets.

Highly configurable and intuitive web interface for access from anywhere, erwin DG provides broad access to approved organizational information. It enables distributed organizations to easily collaborate for improved information quality, compliance, and change management with lower risk and greater agility. erwin DG offers a host of key features such as:

  • Business glossary
  • Policy management
  • Rule management
  • Data dictionary
  • Reference data management
  • Data usage catalog
  • Powerful API
  • Data impact analysis
  • Data lineage
  • Issue management
  • Data ownership
  • Data stewardship

Key Benefits

erwin Data Governance (DG) delivers on the “Data Governance 2.0” imperative, providing a platform for discovering, understanding, governing, and socializing data assets—regardless of format or location—for greater visibility, control, and value across the enterprise.

  • Enables enterprise data governance collaboration and organizational empowerment
  • Identifies data integrations, implications, and impacts across the enterprise to better manage change
  • Creates an integrated ecosystem of people, processes, and technologies that manage and protect data
  • Breaks down business and IT silos for visibility across all domains, including data modeling, enterprise architecture, and business process modeling
  • Helps mitigate a wide range of risks to provide regulatory peace of mind.


Data Management Engagements

Domain Education

Sandhill provides a Quick Start learning program that will enable users to quickly maximize their investment in erwin DG. The following areas are addressed:

  • Objectives
  • Initial Tool Configuration
  • Metadata Imports
  • User tool training
  • Knowledge/Experience transfer
  • Publications/Reporting

Data Management Maturity Assessments


Sandhill offers a choice of mentoring/consulting services based on our client needs. Please contact Sandhill for more details on our service offerings.

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