erwin DM NoSQL

erwin DM NoSQL is a SaaS-based application that provides an Integrated Development Environment to allow you to model, reverse engineer, or create new NoSQL databases.

Product Brief

erwin DM NoSQL gives business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their NoSQL assets. Users can then discover, visualize, document, design, and deploy NoSQL instances in an efficient and cost-effective way, mitigating the risks inherent to managing mission-critical data assets.

erwin DM NoSQL migrates traditional database models to NoSQL databases by importing a traditional relational erwin data model and automates the transformation to a cloud based collection structure, using its patent pending Query Optimized Modeling construct. On premise to cloud migration speeds are increased while providing a NoSQL implementation and required enterprise data documentation.

Solution Overview

erwin DM NoSQL helps companies manage their NoSQL data sources with rigorous agility. Extending the capabilities of erwin DM, erwin DM NoSQL enables organizations to take logical data designs and transform them into visual models that reflect native NoSQL structures with the code required to create them in their environments. It also automates the capture and creation of visual models of NoSQL instances that already exist. erwin’s unique model-driven discovery, documentation, analysis, design, and deployment of NoSQL structures ensures organizations effectively exploit this emerging, mission-critical data management approach out of the gate.

Key Benefits

erwin DM NoSQL aids your organization to manage its NoSQL cloud based databases with the following:

  • Work Effectively with NoSQL – Let traditional DBMS teams and developers design and deploy NoSQL data sources with guided editors and task automation.
  • Easily Discover and Understand NoSQL Data – Break down and manage the complexities of NoSQL through modeling and visualization.
  • Ease Migration from Traditional Databases to the Cloud – Accelerate the move to NoSQL with design transformation and code generation capabilities.


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Domain Education

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