Silwood Safyr

Silwood Safyr is the industry’s only dedicated metadata discovery software for industry leading ERP/CRM systems. Silwood Safyr gives analysts, architects, and other data professionals the ability to access, understand, share, and utilize the underlying data structures for these applications, without relying on technical specialists or external consultants.

Product Brief

The complex data structures of ERP and CRM systems are often locked away in proprietary formats that make it challenging to integrate with other data sources. Rather than hiring expensive consultants to develop custom integration software, Silwood Safyr exposes your enterprise application metadata so it can be shared across your organization. You’ll also get centralized management of the metadata. This functionality allows for improved application integration, enhanced metadata quality, increased productivity, and lower maintenance costs.

Silwood Safyr is also private-labeled under the erwin/Safyr brand. Please refer to datasheet below.

Solution Overview

Silwood Safyr extracts metadata from the applications as implemented and stores it so it can be easily navigated, searched, filtered, analyzed, visualized, using business terminology rather than needing to know physical table names. Silwood Safyr excels by reading the package’s own data dictionary tables, instead of the RDBMS system schema. This is the only practical way to get an understandable view of the package data model from both the logical and physical aspects.

Key Benefits

  • Metadata discovery of your ERP/CRM systems
  • Analyze and visualize your ERP/CRM metadata
  • Create or enhance your data models with ERP/CRM metadata
  • Integrate your ERP/CRM information across your enterprise and data warehouse
  • Consolidate ERP/CRM systems while lowering costs and boosting efficiency in response to strategic initiatives.


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