Jump Start your Business Glossary with a library of thousands of predefined business terms.

Developed by Universal Data Models, and sold by both UDM and Sandhill Consultants

Product Brief

Jump Start your Business Glossary by taking advantage of re-using and then customizing our library of thousands of terms and definitions in various industries.

These time-proven templates have been continuously improved during the last 25 years and implemented by hundreds of companies worldwide, providing them with an invaluable resource to ensure quality, reduce time, and facilitate standardization of terms and definitions.

Solution Overview

These re-usable terms and definitions significantly reduce time and cost of developing a glossary. It is so much easier and quicker to start with a template definition than trying to develop terms and definitions without using a template. The templates arm users with a powerful library of common terms and definitions that are designed for use in a business glossary. They include domains that are for common business functions in any organization such as customer demographics, ordering and managing products, handling shipments, invoicing, accounting and budgeting, managing human resources, IT security and authorizations, contact management, and project management. By re-using proven terms and definitions that have already been vetted, stewards can reduce glossary development and maintenance time and save hundreds or even thousands of hours of time, as well as improve the quality of their glossary substantially. Stewards can save time by re-using the common business glossary terms that are applicable to any organization and/or with the terms and definitions in the industry-specific domains such Healthcare; Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Banking, Investments, & Financial Services; Insurance; Professional Services; Pharmaceuticals, and Travel.


The Universal Business Glossary (UBG) enable users to be consistent with other organizations and improve quality assurance by referencing “best practice” standards for developing glossary terms. UBG customers can refer to a standard, proven source for terms and definitions that are easily able to handle conflicting opinions regarding how to develop a term and/or definition.

Key Benefits:

The Universal Business Glossary, with its library of thousands of predefined business terms provides the following benefits


  • Reduce time and cost significantly
  • Achieve high-quality terms and definitions
  • Improve consistency and standardization



Data Management Engagements


Sandhill provides a Business Glossary workshop that will enable users to quickly maximize their investment with the Universal Business Glossary. The following areas will be addressed:

  • Terms and Definition Guidelines
  • Identifying Critical Data Elements
  • Business Rules
  • Process
  • Human Factors

Data Management Maturity Assessments

Sandhill’s approach to helping clients achieve desired levels of Data Management Maturity incorporates all of the data management practice areas. The following Sandhill DMM resources are particularly relevant:


Sandhill offers a choice of mentoring/consulting engagements based on our client needs. Please contact Sandhill for more details on our service offerings.

  • Standards Best Practices Mentoring / Consulting
  • Enterprise Consulting

Sandhill Data Management Frameworks


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