Architecting Data

Architecting data is a complex challenge. Sandhill is an information management solutions company providing data modeling software that translates business objectives into functional designs for improving data quality. Our consulting team mentors and supports the enterprise in achieving their goals. We at Sandhill are committed to transforming information management into a relevant set of practices and results that resonate with the business.

Customer Objectives

  • Plan for the creation of and capture of new data
  • Standardize the creation of data for consistency
  • Capture existing data specifications

How can I manage change within my data architecture?

Sandhill’s data modeling tool offering provides the ability to integrate all model types using automatic synchronization technology for project-wide or enterprise-wide impact analysis. Sandhill’s Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards – EM-SOS!™ 2.0 provides the documented procedures to assist in streamlining communication and collaboration to increase your organization's responsiveness to change.

How can I increase the visibility of my data dictionary?

Sandhill’s data modeling tool offering provides secure, controlled access to metadata through lists, multi-model documents, and fully hyperlinked Web reporting. Sandhill’s EM-SOS!™ 2.0 provides the documented data specifications to assist in standardizing data for better inter-operability. Share documents to foster project-wide collaboration and communication, even with non-modelers.

How do I understand my source to target mappings?

Sandhill’s data modeling tool offering provides the ability to quickly and accurately document dependencies with a drag-and-drop mapping editor. Drag to or from any supported source to target model pairs and create comprehensive mapping definitions used in data dictionary definitions, impact analysis, and warehouse ETL documentation.

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