Architecting the Enterprise

Sandhill Consultants assists clients by assessing the current state and future requirements and providing tools and methodologies that allow them to build comprehensive enterprise architecture. We achieve this through a robust data governance practice resulting in manageable processes that govern the enterprise, produce trusted, reliable data, reduce data risk, and achieve compliance.

Customer Objectives

  • Managing change and how the enterprise adapts to the changing environment
  • Meeting business challenges with a robust and adaptive enterprise architecture
  • Understanding the complexity of the business

How do I rapidly redesign the enterprise architecture to meet changing needs?

One of the benefits of leveraging our partner EA Tools is that they provide the documentation of all the complex interrelationships between people, process, resources, information, and technology systems, which allows for impact analysis that provides the foundation for rapid responsive re-design.

How do I improve decision support?

We provide EA Tools that allow organizations to develop process and organizational models which identify the stakeholders and provide them with the right information at the right time to make effective business decisions.

How do I develop an effective EA program that includes risk, governance, and compliance?

Sandhill Consultants offers standards-based methodologies, technologies, and knowledge that enable an organization to implement effective and efficient governance enabled enterprise architecture. Sandhill Consultants offers that enable an organization to implement effective and efficient governance enabled enterprise architecture.

How do I ensure the business goals are consistent across the organization?

The organization can develop a business strategy mapped to the relevant business capabilities by leveraging EA Tools.

How do I document the business strategy and implement through EA?

Leveraging EA Tools, organizations can develop the plans and blueprints to document and implement a strategy defined by the business across the enterprise.

How do I decrease cost?

Sandhill Consultants leverages EA Tools that enable an organization to develop analysis models that understand cost drivers in their business.

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