Governing Data

Sandhill Consultants offers a set of data governance frameworks, knowledge, best practices, data management standards, automated tools, and education that enable our customers to implement an effective, enterprise-wide data governance capability.

Customer Objectives

  • Implement a consistent data management paradigm throughout their organization
  • Realize improvements in cost, schedule, and quality efficiencies in their data life cycle
  • Improve the effectiveness of how data serves their business objectives

How can I know what my organization needs for effective data management?

We offer a Data Management Maturity Assessment using CMMI DMMSM based methods. This assessment provides a detailed analysis of the existing state of your data management system. It identifies the desired future state based on your organization’s goals and a recommended path to achieving those goals.

My organization is a highly siloed environment. How can I build cooperation among the different groups in my organization?

Sandhill’s Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™, provides a path to finding common ground within the organization. Addressing key priorities and objectives of the organization is accomplished by integrating and automating key data management processes and organizational responsibilities and accountabilities with objective deliverables and metrics that foster cross-functional, team collaboration.

How do I develop consistency of meaning in my data across the entire organization?

By implementing our Data Governance Framework, including repeatable metadata structures and data management processes, you can establish traceability and lineage throughout the data life cycle from defining your business terms and glossary to the final operational implementation.

How do I ensure regulatory compliance such as with GDPR, SOX, HIPPA, PIC, GAAP/IFRS, and so on?

By incorporating policies that define the regulatory requirements for the organization, we develop and include the requisite standards in your Data Governance Framework. Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™, implements a compliance review process with metrics that allow you to evaluate and score the level of compliance of your data.

How do I enable our enterprise data governance initiatives and map to our strategic priorities?

Using our CMMI DMM Assessment methodology, your enterprise data governance initiatives, business objectives, and strategic priorities will be analyzed to produce a roadmap. With the roadmap in place, detailed policies are developed that define the data governance implementation path. From these policies, detailed governance management processes, compliance score cards, and responsibility matrices are created, allowing your enterprise data governance initiatives and strategic priorities to be realized.

How do I integrate data governance roles into my organization?

Our Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™ provides you with key data management processes that map to DG-specific roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities, also known as the Responsibility and Accountability Matrix, or RACI Matrix. The RACI identifies how each role fulfills the data stewardship tasks including responsibility for producing data governance deliverables and metrics. These roles are then mapped internally to your organizational structure, providing a clear visualization of how each member in your organization completes their responsibilities.

How can I improve the visibility and management of my Business Terms and Technical Metadata?

The metadata structure for Business Terms and Technical Metadata and the change management processes are defined in DG-CDS™. Sandhill’s CMMI DMM and related assessments bring together stakeholders. The assessments provide in-depth insights, shared visions, and planning horizons for DM process improvement. Additionally, visibility into and control of Business Term/Metadata glossaries and dictionaries can be accomplished using erwin Data Governance (EDGE) and erwin Web Portal.

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