Managing Data Risk

Sandhill Consultants offers an enterprise scale approach for the classification, valuation, detection, and mitigation of the risks of data faults associated with commercial and regulatory non-compliance. The offering can assist organizations react to internal and external stimulus while reducing the potential for financial and reputational losses. From a proactive perspective, the offering can help organizations identify potential downside risks for the implementation of new opportunities by identifying unintended consequences from proposed changes.

Sandhill can provide a complete Data Risk Management solution through a combination best practices and technologies for managing data faults related to:

  • Structural Faults – Data Governance
  • Content Faults – Data Qualification
  • Lifecycle Faults – Data Operations

Customer Objectives

  • Define a data risk management strategy
  • Identify and classify data-critical data elements by risk category:
    • Strategic
    • Operational
    • Financial
    • Reputational
  • Evaluate the potential risk of unintended consequences from changes to the entire organization and specific functional areas
  • Improve the analysis and monitoring of the negative and positive consequences of data risks

Is the organization aware of the amount of risk it is exposed to from potential data faults?

We offer a Data Management Maturity Assessment using CMMI DMM based methods. This assessment provides a detailed analysis of the existing state of your data management system. It identifies the desired future state based on your organization’s overall risk management strategy and recommends a path to achieve these goals.

How do I reduce the risk of commercial and regulatory non-compliance?

By incorporating policies that define the data requirements for the organization, we develop and include the requisite standards in your Data Governance Framework. Data Governance – Capability Delivery System – DG-CDS™, implements a compliance review process with metrics that allow you to evaluate and score the level of compliance of your data.

How can I improve the visibility and management of potential risks from data faults?

The metadata structure for Business Terms and Technical Metadata and the change management processes are defined in erwin Data Governance (EDGE).

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