Qualifying Data

Sandhill Consultants offers clients the means to mature their data quality initiatives. We offer a quantifiable assessment of current initiatives and a roadmap for improvement of data quality at an enterprise scale.

Customer Objectives

  • Risk remediation for commercial and regulatory non-compliance due to data faults arising from data content
  • Identification and classification of critical data elements based on data quality criteria
  • Develop a preventive approach to managing data quality faults

How do I stem the rising tide of the costs of inaccurate data?

Bad data is costly to the enterprise. It is critical to understand your current level of quality. Sandhill’s Data Quality Assessment results in a better understanding of your current situation and empowers you to determine next steps to address your costs.

How do I know my critical information is certified so I can make good decisions rapidly?

A strong data governance program will leverage a data quality framework. This framework provides the relevant processes to certify data elements to the appropriate level against the data quality criteria.

How do I prevent more data quality issues with my critical data?

Sandhill’s data quality services provide a proactive approach to deal with data content faults, which consists of strategy assessment, profiling, and cleansing.

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