Building Business Glossaries Workshop

Sandhill Consultant’s provides a comprehensive, proven and effective approach to developing a shared, accepted and useful business glossary within the enterprise.
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Sandhill Consultants 2-day workshop includes methodology, approaches, tools and techniques to develop a shared, accepted and useful business glossary. Sandhill Consultants and Len Silverston have joined forces to offer a rapid and proven solution for developing and managing common business glossaries

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Workshop content:

  • Identifying critical data elements in your organization
  • The development of business glossary terms using standardized conventions and guidelines
  • The development of a domain and subdomain model
  • The application of universal constructs (Jump Start)
  • Template process diagrams, working through data governance and business glossary issues and resolving issues
  • Internalizing in the organization
  • Coming to agreement – Strategies for collaboration


  • Reusable domain models, definitions and examples
  • Template based process for glossary development
  • Guidelines for developing definitions
  • Techniques, exercises and practice in mastering common development scenarios and much more
building business glossaries

Universal Business

Jump Start your Business Glossary by taking advantage of re-using and then customizing our library of thousands of terms and definitions in various industries.


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