Gaining Control of Your Enterprise Metadata

Successful Data Governance is built upon a strong standard’s based framework.  A key goal is to ensure that all data is defined in a consistent and standardized way.  While policy can guide the overall standardization process, efficient and usable design technology, methodologies and enforceable best practices are also required.

Data Modeling tools and Data Modeling methodologies are well proven and are generally the way in which organizations accomplish effective data design.  The challenge enterprises struggle with is implementing critical standards and best practices that are effective and easy to use.

Enterprises that have establish these critical standards and best practices have seen increased Trust of their data, providing the business with the confidence to Leverage their data to the best of it’s ability, and delivering the Controls that are key to the successful Data Governance programs.

Introducing EM-SOS!™ 2.0, ‘Enterprise Modeling Set Of Standards’ is the foundation for your Data Governance program to gain control of your enterprise metadata.

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 - Screenshot 1 EM-SOS!™ 2.0 provides you with the roadmap to a managed enterprise modeling environment, it guides you to an efficient and functional data modeling lifecycle, it provides you with the knowhow to deliver standardized metadata and processes.  Also, provides you with the procedure to a reusable data structured environment and tools you with the means to measure and provide metrics on your data models and modeling environment. To view our latest webcast click here.

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 - Screenshot 2

So, what is EM-SOS!™ 2.0, it is a foundation that is deployed using your enterprise intranet SharePoint infrastructure and provides you with your standards and procedures for your enterprise data modeling environment.  It also comes with built-in workflows for managing the relevant processes leveraging the rich functionality of SharePoint’s workflow engine, e.g. data model submission process for approval.  Provides notifications and calibration tools that are key to having a successful managed data modeling environment.

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 provides improved Leverage, Trust & Control of your data, through:

  • Automated Enterprise Modeling Environment
  • Controlled Data Model Lifecycle
  • Usable Metadata Throughout the Enterprise
  • Standardized Processes
  • Reusable Data Structures
  • Measurable Data Design Results
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