The Lie in the Paradox of Data Governance?

Betcha can’t tell me the definition of data governance.

The common perception of data governance is that it is expensive, intrusive, impedes innovation, and delivers little value to the business. Further, many folks do not distinguish between data governance (DG) and data management and use the terms interchangeably.

The problem is that this perception makes it very difficult to establish a fully funded DG Program with an effective data management capability.

Conventional wisdom on establishing a DG program is based on the notion of size. While we recognize that the one size does not fit all, being too simplistic, DG must be viewed for the shape of DG and not its size.  Look at your DG self in the mirror; How does it make me look?”

The paradox of DG.  It is essential but not wanted. The challenge with this paradox is that it actually has two lies and not just one.

Lie #1: DG is not Data Management and is strictly about the structure of data.

Lie #2:  It is not the size, but the shape of data governance and how it is implemented which must reflect that overall maturity of the organization’s data management capability.

We now know that although data governance has its roots in the structure of business terms and technical metadata, it has tendrils and deep associations with many other components of a Data Management Capability. Using the DMM(SM) Framework we will demonstrate how to adapt a DM Program to alleviate the two lies in the paradox.  The shape of DG must suit an organization’s industry, regulatory environment, culture, size, and the maturity of its data management capability.

We call it Evolving DG and it is the journey from the reliance on an individual – the Go-to Guy or Gal – to a cost effective, mature, repeatable process.

On this journey, it is really hard to know where you are going if you don’t know where you are at and where you came from.

The primary components of Evolving DG are the following:

  • Evaluate
  • Plan
  • Configure
  • Deliver
  • Feedback

Learn how to you get your ducks in a row, (i.e., DG and DM) to Evolve Data Governance and grow your DM capability.

Sandhill, Peter Aiken, and two of our valued partners (erwin and Couchbase) will be in the Dallas area the on September 13, 2018, and you can learn more and also register by contacting Robert.Lutton@sandhillconsultants