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Reduces waste and boosts efficiency with erwin data modeling and collaboration platforms


Balfour Beatty, an industry leader for more than 80 years, is the 4th largest construction management company in the United States with 2,500+ employees. It has an 82% repeat-customer rate and has won hundreds of awards for construction excellence.


Balfour Beatty embarked on a mission to eliminate waste and inefficiency. It’s estimated that up to 40% of a construction project’s costs are wasted including time, resources, productivity and raw materials. “A $50 million project is not unusual,” says Angela Floyd, vice president of business improvement for Balfour Beatty. “When you do the math, that’s a lot of waste.”
To increase efficiency, the company wanted to dramatically transform its process documentation so teams had instant access to all company procedures from any location or device. Their old process of maintaining company documents in Word or Excel format in a SharePoint library was ineffective and limited sharing ideas, best practices and feedback.

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We wanted something that no one has to be trained to use. The erwin platform is exceptionally easy to use.


Balfour Beatty engaged erwin business process and operations specialists to develop a customized solution built on erwin data modeling and collaboration platforms.
Installation only took a few weeks and soon all 2,500+ employees were actively using the new system. By consistently documenting processes, employees no longer need to reinvent the wheel and easy access to others’ insights is sparking innovation. “There was a fear early on that this whole process might be restrictive, but this actually frees them to be more creative and productive,” says Floyd.


  • Reduced training to only 10 minutes for new employees
  • Eliminated waste and inefficiency by encouraging standardization
  • Encouraged greater innovation and creativity
  • Improved forecasting productivity by approximately 5 percent
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