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I’m Dave Thomas. I’m the head of Data Architecture for St. James’s Place. We’re a leading wealth management company. The aim of the Data Architecture team is to really help SJP manage data going forward and governing it better.

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There’s a lot of different software out there in the Data Management field, every single software supplier will tell you that theirs is the best. You’ve got to work out who’s telling it straight and who isn’t. We don’t know what we don’t know, and we need some help in working out what that is. The support to answer those questions that always come up on day two, that you never get from the salesmen are critical, so we wanted the software, but we also wanted the support that goes with it.


Sandhill advise us on how we can best use erwin. Sandhill provide the software and the service. Sandhill have helped us train our people. Sandhill have helped us advise on what edition of software that we need, they’ve helped us in day-to-day support issues, and they’re helping us in our strategy going forward, how we can best deploy.

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A business day is full of loads of problems, but I don’t tend to find that erwin problems are the things that worry me. Sandhill truly are a one stop shop for all our erwin problems. We don’t go to anyone else. They’ve always been very very prompt and quick to come back to us, that’s what I like about them, the fact that we don’t wait for three days. I like the fact it’s the same person on the end of the phone, I like the fact that they know erwin backwards, I like the fact that they’re straight with me. I like the fact that they’re able to help me to leverage the investment in erwin, they tell me about the things that I don’t know about erwin that make it more of a success here. And I like the fact they know where erwin’s going so they know the long-term future. I think they are able to help me formulate a strategy on how we can build that together. I’m looking forward to working with Sandhill and erwin to work out how we can best use these products going forward. Because I’m sure there’s lots more good stuff we can do over the next ten, fifteen years.

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