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erwin Data Modeler by Quest R12

poobeash 16th March 2022

The latest version of Quest’s erwin Data Modeler adds six more NoSQL data modelling platforms and Databricks connection to its relational databases, providing even more integrated DBMS functionality. erwin Using a new GitHub connectivity through Mart, Data Modeler 12.0 simplifies and speeds data model access, collaboration, governance, and reuse with DevOps operations. This release includes Data Vault 2.0 modelling, as well as many productivity, UI, database, and Mart upgrades.

You can now rely on a single solution for all of your corporate data modelling requirements. Utilize contemporary modelling methodologies across DBMS platforms for quicker data value, and centrally govern all data definition, data modelling, and database design activities.


New features include:

  1. Expanded modeling techniques to NoSQL – This version adds full support for six new NoSQL databases, as well as one upgrade, to our existing relational, cloud, big data DBMS, and NoSQL targets. These include:
  • Neo4j
  • ArangoDB
  • Parquet
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon Keyspaces
  • Google Big Query
  • Couchbase 7.0


  1. Existing relational database connectivity is expanded to Databricks with traditional modeling support.


  1. DevOps GitHub integration via Mart: Mart can now incorporate data modelling data definition language (DDL) with GitHub/ Git repositories. This allows users to remain within the platform and simply transfer DDLs, resulting in greater correctness, traceability, time savings, and improved cooperation. Developers and DBAs are no longer reliant on data modelling teams to supply them DDLs after transferring DDLs to GitHub.


  1. Productivity and UI enhancements: Range of product upgrades and changes aimed at improving the modeler’s overall user experience by automating repetitive operations and increasing visibility in the modelling environment. Enhanced features are Hide/Unhide, Scheduler, erwin Data Intelligence integration and Data Vault 2.0.


  1. Database enhancements: Major enhancement made to support complex Oracle views, updates to JSON reverse engineering and support for Snowflake Tag feature.


  1. Mart enhancements: The user experience has been improved for more security by expanding user character lists, increasing testing and connection capabilities, defining session timeout settings, updating Java and Tomcat, and an added Run Now checkbox.


Join us for a webinar to learn about all of these new features in the erwin Data Modeler R12 Release.


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