How Public Agencies Worldwide Plan for Data Management Success


Government agencies achieve important mission goals and need to develop long-term strategic plans.  Success depends on data, a valuable asset to be governed, shared, and harnessed for informed decisions and analysis.  Governments have often been centers of innovation, and promising data technologies are evolving rapidly.  Services can benefit greatly from exploiting artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, advanced metadata and lineage, harnessing machine data, data virtualization, and data visualization.
However, it is challenging for governments to realize the high value from the data assets.  Most agencies, for many decades, were primarily focused on implementing information systems, viewing the data as a by-product.  Therefore, the activities of defining data, governing data, and designing data stores were mostly informal and not easily repeatable. The inconvenient truth is that most agencies lack a strategic and practical data management approach.

Maximizing new technologies requires sound data management practices, policies and processes, which depend on individuals accepting responsibility for the data assets.  Increasingly, agencies realize that they need to evaluate current data management processes, govern their data, and create an action plan to improve data quality and share data effectively.
Enter the Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model, a measurement instrument to precisely evaluate the state of current practices and provide a built-in path to capability enablement.  Unlike other frameworks, the DMM was created to unify the understanding of all organizational elements.

Join us for this webinar, addressing how to:

  • Overcome the data issues government agencies typically face
  • Create a benchmark of current practices and work products
  • Identify gaps and capture strengths for reuse
  • Quickly develop a roadmap for data management improvements
  • Raise awareness of data as a critical asset
  • Engage staff to improve and govern the data


Melanie Mecca, CEP and EDME at DataWise
Emarie Pope , Sr Project Manager, Sandhill Consultants
Robert Lutton, VP, Sandhill Consutlants