Data governance

Introducing the latest version of erwin Data Intelligence

Sophie Eldred 14th February 2020

Sandhill is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI), which makes it even easier to access your data and improve your organisational performance.

Enhancements in the latest release include:

  • Enhanced, configurable user interface and more powerful data lineage
    • New summary view for search and browse
    • Interactive mind map that enriches data lineage with semantic relationships and deeper drill-down and filtering
    • New sensitive-data dashboard consolidating the view of sensitive data across systems complete with drill-down
    • User-defined view and filtering
  • New flexible metamodels supporting a robust, customizable data governance framework
    • Ability to create different types of business assets according to organizational requirements
    • Custom attributes creation that can be combined with any type of data
    • Authoring-workflow integration and bulk import for custom assets
    • Support for the full range of semantic associations between all business and technical asset types
    • Ability to define multi-relationships between any every association type
    • Contextually complete and fully navigable
  • New and enhanced metadata scanning and curation
    • New JDBC connectors for Snowflake and Google Big Query
    • Enhanced JDBC connectors for Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata
    • Expanded logical name (ELN) engine execution at the metadata system and environment level

Watch our “erwin Data Intelligence Suite in 10 Minutes” video to see erwin DI in action.