erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition

erwin Data Modeler (DM) Workgroup Edition leverages all the features of the erwin Data Modeler Standard Edition and enables you to automatically generate data models with a simple, graphical display to visualize a wide range of enterprise data sources. It allows you to increase quality and efficiency with reusable artifacts, including model templates, domains, automation macros, naming standards and datatype standards.

Product Brief

erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition has the same data modeling functionality as the erwin DM Standard Edition. Additionally, erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition includes a centralized model management repository, collaborative modeling with conflict resolution, and change management with audit capabilities. It is ideal for teams working on data models simultaneously and/or that need change management functionality. With a data model as a roadmap for your data infrastructure, you’ll have a centralized view of all your data and its sources, based on a common repository.

Solution Overview

erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition assists your organization in managing its hybrid data infrastructure via its Centralized Model Repository.

Manage your organizations models in a collaborative, controlled access, permission based central repository.

Key Benefits

Regardless of the DBMS you use or the types of data models you want to develop, modeling your database in erwin Data Modeler has many benefits:

  • Enables usage by database and application development staff to define system requirements and to communicate among themselves and with end users.
  • Provides a clear picture of referential integrity constraints. Maintaining referential integrity is essential in the relational model where relationships are encoded implicitly.
  • Provides a logical RDBMS-independent picture of your database that automated tools can use to generate RDBMS-specific information.
  • Let’s you produce a diagram summarizing the results of your data modeling efforts and generate a database schema from that model.


Data Management Engagements

Sandhill’s erwin Platinum Support Program

Sandhill Platinum Support is delivered by expert resources in a timely and personalized manner. Our Customer Success Program is an additional offering that is designed to surpass customer expectations and support contingencies. We provide end-users with tool-specific critical expertise, service, partnership, and peace of mind when you need it most. This offering is for anyone interested in leveraging Sandhill’s expertise and knowledge.

erwin Implementation, Upgrade, and Migration services

Sandhill Consultants offers custom services to assist organizations in implementation, upgrade, and migration of their erwin Data Modeling environment to different databases and or servers in the Cloud. When upgrading to the latest versions, Sandhill makes use of the erwin tools in combination to expedite the upgrade, migration process. 

For more information on our implementation, upgrade, or migration services, please contact us.

Data Management Maturity Assessments

Sandhill’s approach to helping clients achieve desired levels of Data Management Maturity incorporates all of the data management practice areas. The following Sandhill DMM resources are particularly relevant:

Data Management Frameworks

Domain Education

In addition to the erwin Data Modeler product set, Sandhill Consultants is committed to providing best-in-class erwin data modeling training. We want to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your data-driven enterprise. Our education programs are crafted to meet your specific requirements. We offer several on-site, one-day, hands-on education packages, as listed below:


Sandhill offers consulting services and expert resourcing in the following areas:

Available at your desk, either in person or remotely using virtual desktop technology, our one-to-one mentoring service is a popular alternative to formal erwin training courses.

Just tell us what you want to achieve, when and where, and our experts will coach you through the steps you need to achieve your goals.

Mentoring is probably the quickest and most effective way to get an individual from little or no product knowledge to working proficiency. It can also be used to learn about advanced features of erwin Data Modeler, such as:

  • Design Layer Architecture
  • API Programming
  • ODBC Reporting
  • Data Warehouse Modelling

Don’t be constrained by these examples. Set your own agenda.

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Upgrading your data model software?

For clients upgrading their erwin Data Modeler environment, experience has shown that because of changes in the underlying meta models, certain components may not transition to the new model as expected. This may result in inconsistencies between the old model and upgraded models. These differences which in part may be due to bad modeling practices, corruption in original models or a host of other reasons can cause potential loss of information, integrity and confidence in the new data model.

Sandhill’s erwin Model Audit Program in conjunction with our upgrade service, will check the original model against the upgraded model and report on any missing or changed entities/tables, attributes/columns, key groups/indexes, relationships, key group/index members, subject areas, subject area members etc.

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