Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards

Sandhill’s Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards, EM-SOS!™ 2.0, establishes the structural and naming standards for metadata, along with associated data management, life cycle, and measurement best practices.
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EM-SOS!™ 2.0 provides an integrated knowledge base and technology implementation framework for significantly improving data architecture and design. EM-SOS!™ 2.0 is available in Microsoft® SharePoint or stand-alone, server based format for all major enterprise data modeling products. EM-SOS!™ 2.0 includes all the information necessary for quickly implementing an efficient and effective modeling environment by achieving greater data integrity, reducing redundancy, and reusing vital data structures. Implementing EM-SOS!™ 2.0 saves a substantial amount of “ramp-up” time by providing proven critical standards, procedures, checklists, forms, templates and customizable interface. It includes comprehensive “how to” instructions presented in an intuitive web-based format. EM-SOS!™ 2.0 describes in detail the total environment necessary to successfully implement a model management infrastructure, enabling your organization to quickly create or customize the critical standards and procedures needed to fully leverage the power and promise of an enterprise data solution.

To perform a quick ‘Data Model Assessment’ to see where your organization stands relative to industry standard best practices click on the  EM-SOS!™ 2.0 link below

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Data Model Assessment

EM SOS product data model workflow

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 is offered in a tiered approach which satisfies and enhances our client’s specific needs.

EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Starter Pack offering is an engagement designed to implement a subset of Sandhill’s Enterprise Modeling – Set of Standards (EM-SOS! ™ 2.0). Our Starter pack ensures that an organization can quickly and easily introduce critical corporate standards and best practices within their modeling environment with minimal effort.

The EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Starter Pack offering consists of:

The EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Intermediate Pack includes everything offered in the Starter Pack, plus the following:

  • An additional 23 key artifacts
  • Indepth Standard Operating Procedures – Workflows
  • Quality Control Methods
  • For complete details click on the EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Tiered offerings PDF.
EM SOS product colour useage
EM SOS product logical diagram naming standard

Sandhill’s EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Enterprise Offering leverages the full power of EM-SOS! ™ 2.0, which includes the full range of enterprise wide set of standards and best practices for the organization.

The EM-SOS!™ 2.0 Enterprise offering consists of a complete inventory of:

  • Standards and Best Practices
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Workflows
  • Quality Control Methods

For complete details click on the EM-SOS! ™ 2.0 Tiered offerings PDF, click here.


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