erwin Data Modeler r9.8 Product update

erwin releases Data Modeler r9.8 with functionality supporting the new era of data modelling.

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What’s New

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Support
erwin Data Modeler now supports Always Encrypted columns , Dynamic Data Masking and Temporal tables.
Native Hadoop Hive Support
erwin Data Modeler is now certified to work with release 2.1 of Apache Hadoop Hive, including AVRO external files. This greatly enhances an organization’s ability to migrate modeling metadata between relational and “big” data environments.
Updated Database Certifications
erwin Data Modeler r9.8 is certified to work with Teradata v16, Oracle 12c R2 and PostgreSQL 9.6.3.
Licensing Updates
Migration from certificate-based Flexera licensing to activation-based Nalpeiron cloud enhanced self-service licensing.
Productivity Enhancements
Improves modeler productivity by providing user-expected capabilities and enhanced product features. Included in this release are:
• PK/FK auto highlighting when selecting a relationship
• Mart users with “VIEWER” profile can switch between model subject areas to view entire model
• DDL preview tab in applicable editors (e.g., Table, Index)
• Option to convert “migrated” FK attribute into an “owned” attribute when deleting a relationship

This release is available at no charge for users with active maintenance.

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Below are more details on the erwin R9.8 Release

Licensing change
erwin now uses the Nalpeiron Licensing Service to cater to licenses for all the ERwin
Data Modeler (DM) editions. Note: To License requires port 80 open so the application can register the computer ID and License code to the NALPEIRON License Server in the Internet.
Productivity Enhancements
The overall productivity of erwin Data Modeler has been enhanced with the following
functionalities and workflows:

  • DDL preview in table editors: Displays the forward engineering script preview (table, comments, partitions, and physical storage) on the SQL tab of the table Editor
  • PK/FK highlighting: Highlights the primary and foreign keys on hovering the mouse over a relationship line

MartServer Model Repository Change
• Subject Area switching for Viewer profile: Allows switching to a subject area even
in case of a Viewer profile
• Incremental Save progress: Displays a progress bar for an incremental save. Also, if
another user tries to save into the same model, a message is displayed, which
informs about the progress of other user’s save operation.
Report Designer
The Report Designer now lets you customize the colors for PDF reports.
IIS Port Number Configuration
erwin Data Modeler and Mart Server now let you configure Mart on a port other than
the default port, 80.
Password Policy
The password policy for erwin has been updated. A password should fulfill the following
¦ Contains at least 1 lowercase character
¦ Contains at least 1 uppercase character
¦ Contains at least 1 number
¦ Is minimum 6 characters in length
¦ Is maximum 130 characters in length

Apart from the above criteria, special characters are optional. This validation is
applicable to reset, change, and forgot password processes.
Also, if you enter an incorrect password five consecutive times, your account will be
locked for five minutes (300 seconds) by default.
While upgrading from 9.x to 9.8, if the existing password does not

Microsoft SQL Server Support
erwin Data Modeler now supports several features of SQL Server versions 2012, 2014,
and 2016, as follows:
SQL Server 2012 – File Tables

SQL Server 2014 onward:
Memory Optimized Tables
Natively Compiled Stored Procedures
Clustered ColumnStore Index

SQL Server 2016 onward:
Always Encrypted Columns
Temporal Tables
Natively Compiled Scalar Functions

Teradata Support
erwin Data Modeler is now certified to work with Teradata v16.10.
SAP ASE Support
erwin Data Modeler is now certified to work with SAP ASE 16 SP02.
Oracle Support
erwin Data Modeler is now certified to work with Oracle 12c R2.
PostgreSQL Support
erwin Data Modeler now supports PostgreSQL 9.6.2 and is certified to work with
PostgreSQL 9.6.5.  Note: Reverse Engineering from Script (RES) is not supported.
Hadoop Hive Support
erwin Data Modeler has added native support for Hadoop Hive 2.1.x as a target
database. This implementation supports both, MySQL and PostgreSQL metastores.
Note: For FE (Forward Engineering) or FE Alter Script process, on the Hive Connection dialog, always set the
Metastore Database to Default and the ODBC Data Source to relevant Hive connection

Metadata Integration Bridges Updates
erwin Data Modeler has been updated to support several new import Metadata
Integration Bridges as follows:
1. Alteryx – Beta Bridge
2. Alteryx Repository – Beta Bridge
3. Amazon S3 – Beta Bridge
4. Apache Hadoop Hive Database (Hive Metastore via JDBC) – Beta Bridge
5. Apache Avro Database Files (JSON)
6. Apache CouchDb Database (JSON)
7. Microsoft SQL Server Database SQL DDL – Beta Bridge
8. Teradata Database SQL DDL
9. File System – Beta Bridge
10. Apache Hadoop HBase Database (Java API)
11. Actian Vector (Vectorwise) Database (via JDBC)
12. HP Vertica Database (via JDBC)
13. Microsoft Azure SQL Database (via JDBC)
14. Oracle MySQL Database (via JDBC)
15. MarkLogic NoSQL Database (for JSON only)
16. Apache Parquet Database Files
17. QlikSense
18. Talend Data Preparation