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erwin Data Modeler r9.8 Released

Tace 9th December 2018

erwin releases Data Modeler r9.8 with functionality supporting the new era of data modelling.

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What’s New

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Support

erwin Data Modeler now supports Always Encrypted columns , Dynamic Data Masking and Temporal tables.

Native Hadoop Hive Support

erwin Data Modeler is now certified to work with release 2.1 of Apache Hadoop Hive, including AVRO external files. This greatly enhances an organization’s ability to migrate modeling metadata between relational and “big” data environments.

Updated Database Certifications

erwin Data Modeler r9.8 is certified to work with Teradata v16, Oracle 12c R2 and PostgreSQL 9.6.3.

Licensing Updates

Migration from certificate-based Flexera licensing to activation-based Nalpeiron cloud enhanced self-service licensing.

Productivity Enhancements

Improves modeler productivity by providing user-expected capabilities and enhanced product features. Included in this release are:

  • PK/FK auto highlighting when selecting a relationship
  • Mart users with “VIEWER” profile can switch between model subject areas to view entire model
  • DDL preview tab in applicable editors (e.g., Table, Index)
  • Option to convert “migrated” FK attribute into an “owned” attribute when deleting a relationship

This release is available at no charge for users with active maintenance.

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