Data Model and Standards Management Assessment

A systematic analysis of client’s Data Model standards and management processes and the development of an implementation roadmap to achieve the benefits of an enterprise modeling environment.
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The goal of an effective data modeling infrastructure is to provide a streamlined method for achieving model component reusability and integrity across all models, and to provide a repeatable model development life cycle. A modeling infrastructure ensures reduced redundancy of data structures and measurable return on investment for the modeling process. A principle component of this infrastructure is a readily available, consistent set of data object and data model standards and accompanying processes, as applicable, to all parts of the data model life cycle.

Any significant initiative to improve data management practices not only benefits from, but is dependent upon a careful analysis of an enterprise’s data standards needs, current standards implementation and future goals. Sandhill Consultants has developed a structured approach for assessing this critical component of your data modeling environment.

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Working with your data organization, Sandhill’s Data Model and Standards Management Assessment provides a Findings and Recommendations document which includes:

  • Identification of existing data asset goals, data standards and data management processes
  • Evaluation of how your current data model standards implementation compares to industry best practices
  • Recommendations that specify measurable actions your organization can take to achieve an effective data model standards environment that meets your goals

Key Benefits:

  • Your data architecture and management teams are fully engaged in the assessment, thereby enhancing their capabilities.
  • The knowledge and expertise brought by Sandhill gives a significant boost to the development of strategic initiatives, policies, planning, and implementation.
  • The guidance provided in the assessment will shorten the time to implement and/or improve your data management efforts.
  • Our clearly organized and articulated assessment will increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of your Data Model Standardization initiative.
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Key Features:

  • Modeling Infrastructure Goals & Strategy
  • Includes a detailed description and evaluation of your company’s existing documentation
  • Presents a detailed description of team attitude and environment
  • Infrastructure deliverables – Standards, Procedures and Metrics
  • Data Modeling and Model Management Technology Proficiency
  • Recommendations are identified to help achieve company goals
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